Cabinets 101

Do you want your cabinets to be a face frame construction or to be frameless? How about your doors, should they be made of solid wood or veneer? Do you know what difference the materials used for the construction of the cabinet boxes will make in the performance of your cabinets over time? The answers to those and many other questions helps define the cabinet lines that we offer and which will fit your needs and budget best.

Most folks start their kitchen or construction project without any clue about cabinet construction and features unless they or a family member has worked in the industry. Often times the outward appearance such as the door style, species of wood and finish becomes the way people describe their cabinets. Many times they get all the way through a project and they really don't know what quality of cabinets they have bought!

Well, at America's Best Cabinets, Inc. that is where we start. We are proud of our cabinets and what they are made of, and we are excited to explain it to you. Come on in to our showroom and we will be happy to show you what goes into our cabinets and why the ones we sell are top quality. We'll show you from the inside out what to look for in a quality product. You will never look at your cabinets the same way again. We think that knowing what materials are used and how the product is put together will help you decide what's important to you.

In short, we will show you each of the cabinet lines we offer and let you decide which product fits your needs best.


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