Frequently Asked Questions

What species of wood are available? Birch, Maple, Hickory, Oak, Cherry, Alder, Walnut, Quarter Sawn Oak, and Lyptus. Many of the species are also available in Knotty or Rustic, or Character Grade as well.

How many door styles are available? We offer over 100 different door styles, many are available with optional edge profiles for an unlimited selection.

How long do your cabinets take for delivery? The production time for "Custom Cabinets" is 8-12 weeks, for "Semi Custom Cabinets" is 6-8 weeks, for "Made to Order Stock" Cabinets is 4 weeks, "In-Stock" Cabinets is 5 days.

Do you charge for estimates? No, we provide a basic estimate at no charge. The estimate that we provide is for budgeting purposes only. Please see more information about estimates under Our Services.

Do you charge for Cabinet Design & Layout? Yes, we do. The cost varies with the scope of the work.

Are the cabinets really made by Amish craftsman? Our primary cabinet lines are manufactured in the heart of Amish country. Many of the people who work at each of the cabinet companies are Amish, but not all. However all of our cabinets are manufactured in the Amish tradition of quality and value.

How can the Amish build cabinets without the use of electricity? Some of the smaller cabinet shops we work with use hydraulics to operate their equipment. Other Amish cabinet makers seek and are given permission from their church to use modern technology, electricity and tools in order to make a living and support their families. The majority of Amish continue to maintain a simple lifestyle in their homes and their personal lives. You will never see a computer or TV in an Amish home.

Our larger cabinet suppliers are fully automated and have CNC equipment and state of the art finishing facilities. Their manufacturing capabilities are how they are able to offer quality & value in their products.

Do you provide cabinet installation? Yes, we can provide installation services as needed. We work with expert carpenters who are available to assist in the installation process.

Are you Amish? No, we are not Amish. We continue to admire their commitment to their faith, their families and the simple way of life.


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